Official Statement – Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria

With regret we have to inform you that Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria 2020 cannot take place on April 25. The official authorities just announced that all events in the whole region in the next weeks have to be postponed, as specified in the Canary Islands Goverment action plan for emergencies associated with emerging communicable diseases with high-risk potential.

In Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria 2020 we are forced to make decisions for the good of all: athletes, family, spectators, etc.

But we will continue to work on a great triathlon event this year. We have been able to secure a new date, in compliance with the measures dictated by the health authorities. This new date will be November 7th, 2020.

All registrations will be automatically changed to November. In case an athlete prefers to move the registration to the edition of 2021 (04/28/2021) or 2022 (date to be specified), he/she can send an email to the organization ( and the slot would be saved, at no extra cost.

Thank you very much for your understanding.