The SHORT distance race is a little different to the traditional OLYMPIC DISTANCE, so that we can improve your race and your experience.

SWIM 1,900m

BIKE 42km

RUN 12,6km


*these distances are approximate and may change


1,900m, two-lap course. Start and finish at Anfi del Mar Beach.

2 laps, keep the buoys on your right at all times (the number of buoys is not yet confirmed). After your first lap, leave the water and turn around a colourful fish statue which will be on the beach, keeping it on your right hand side. Re-enter the water for your second lap. When you finish your second lap, leave the water and turn left, towards T1. T1 is around 430 metres from the swim finish.

Cut-off time
The cut-off time of the swimming section will be 1 hour and 10 minutes from your start time.
* this time will increase if the swimming distance is not measured correctly


42kms 2-lap course. From Anfi del Mar to Taurito and back.

No overtaking from T1 along the Anfi promenade/on the ramp until you get to the main road.

Stay on the LEFT the whole time in ANFI, until you get to the main road/roundabout.

Go from T1, along the promenade towards Anfi Beach. After Anfi beach, there is a sharp left-turn and a STEEP HILL to the road/roundabout. At the roundabout, turn left.

Once on the road, always stay on the right-hand side (we are in Spain!).

The road is closed to traffic.

Non-drafting (10 metre rule).

Beware – tight turns! Turns to the left.

This beautiful bike course is usually described as: “rolling hills”.




Run course

12.6 km +/-.

3-lap run course, around Anfi del Mar Beach.

12.6Km start T2 and finish at the finish line.

12.6 km run course with 3 full laps starting at the bottom of the downhill ramp after T2.  At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and head to Balito Beach, complete 3 full laps and then head to to the finish line, another 400 metres from the bottom of the ramp where the laps started. The course is parallel to the sea at all times, and you will always run on the right hand side.

SHORT Distance: 3 loops + ramp + 400m around Anfi Beach.

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Short Distance
Short Distance
Short Distance
Short Distance
Short Distance
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