The Olympic distance gains prominence in the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, on April 22, at Anfi Beach.

*we are trying to improve the route, it is possible that the distances may change.


1,500m with start and finish on Anfi del Mar beach and on a two-lap route.

Cutting times

The cut-off time for the swimming sector will be 1 hour from your departure time.

*this time will be increased in case the swimming distance is not measured correctly


Bike course

40 Km with start and finish at Anfi del Mar Beach and over a 4-lap route, where drafting is allowed 4 Vueltas that runs between Anfi and Amadores following way.

Overtaking is not allowed, during the course in Anfi Resort.


Run course

10 km. 3 loops run course, around Anfi del Mar Beach.

Always running on the right side.

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