The three segments of the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria are:

  1. Swimming. 1.900m starting and finishing in Anfi del Mar Beach for a distance over a 2 laps.
  2. Cycling. 90km in 4 laps, from Anfi del Mar to Taurito
  3. Run. 21km circuit of 4 laps starting in Anfi del Mar and ending in the same place.


The three segments of the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria are:

  1. Swimming. 1.900m starting and finishing in Anfi del Mar Beach for a distance over a 2 laps.
  2. Cycling. 40km in 2 laps.
  3. Run. Circuit of 2 laps starting in Anfi del Mar and ending in the trame place.


Participation in the Mogán Gran Canaria is open to athletes of any nationality, licensed or not and of any age.

Each participant who takes part in the event individually must do so under their own responsibility and agrees to have a fitness level sufficient to complete each segment within cut off times marked by technical officials of the organisation. The organisation has a policy of liability insurance under current legislation. Participants will be covered by a federal accident insurance policy contracted by the organisation (day license) with a cost of €10.


A triathlete can only enter the drafting zone of another triathlete, subject to the decision of the judges and officials in the following circumstances:

  • If within 15 seconds of the other triathlete
  • For security reasons
  • At an aid station
  • At the entrance or exit of the transition area
  • In sharp turns
  • Other safety reasons determined by the judges and officials

A triathlete who is in breach, you must immediately leave the drafting zone of the triathlete who is ahead of him.

  • It is prohibited to cut an other triathletes.
  • You must always pass the other triathlete on the right side of the road pavement.
  • The distance is 180 km, in three laps.
  • There will be 3 aid stations per lap, but we recommend that you take some nutrition supplies on the bicycle section. (e.g. bring your own food (gels, bars, etc…)


The organisation will carry out the doping control of participants according to the current regulations of the Anti-Doping Commission of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon.


Restricted areas will be controlled by guards of the organisation and can only be accessed through the presentation of the bracelet or the corresponding participant accreditation. Medical services for the organisation along the route, shall be authorised to remove any participant for medical reasons. Any emergency vehicle that needs to use the cycling route will indicate their presence through light and sound signals. In all cases the vehicle will have priority over the triathletes, who must give way.


Following the rules of the FECANTRI, any participant or coach of any of the clubs registered, may make claims on the provisional results, irregularities of the organisation or on sanctions applied by judges and officials. Claims must be made in writing and handed to the Referee with a deposit of €50, The referee will review the decision in the first instance. To resolve; the appeal, it must be delivered to the Appeals Committee for whoever solves the case. In the event that the appeal reaches the Appeal Committee, the committee chairman will meet with the other members and listen to all parties involved and study the evidence. If the person making the appeal could not be present, their arguments may be left in writing. Failure to comply may invalidate the appeal. Having heard all possible evidence, the committee will retire to consider its verdict, which is final and irrevocable. The first decision will be communicated verbally and then in writing. In the event that the Referee or the Appeals Committee decides in favour of the appellant, it will refund the full amount of the deposit.


Participants entered in the Mogán Gran Canaria understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility during the competition. Therefore, they disclaim any complaint to the organizers, collaborators, sponsors and other participants. The organization will not be responsible for any accident occurring due to imprudence, negligence or ignorance of these regulations. When carrying out the registration, participants agree and accept this disclaimer.


Swimming: The cut-off time of the swimming section will be 1 hour and 10 minutes from your start time.
*this time will increase if the swimming distance is not measured correctly.
90Km + Cycling Swimming: 90 Km. 13:00h.
Run Target: 16:00h.

Cut off times will apply regardless of the turn out. After these times, the participant will be out of competition. The organisers may move the cut off times according to current traffic regulations. We recommend looking at route maps for details of where cut off points are made.


A referee judge appointed by the Canarian Triathlon Federation will have the final decision over any change to the course of the event. It will be overseen by judges and auxiliary officers of the FECANTRI.

Timing will be done through the electronic chip timing system.


La inscripción es personal e intransferible y supone la aceptación del presente reglamento.

Los precios y condiciones son los recogidos en el apartado de Inscripciones.


Each participant will receive a bag with:

  • Swimming cap (1)
  • Race number/bib
  • Adhesives with bib number three for the helmet and one for cycling.
  • BBags and Race number/bib (3). A clothing for cycling (Bike Bag), another for run kit (run bag) and one for street clothes (Street wear bag)
  • Wristband (1)
  • A chip and a ribbon to wear on the ankle
  • At the time of collecting their material, each participant must show ID card or passport in order to confirm their identity. On production of their Triathlon Federation card, not have to pay federal insurance day.


We will also hold an open Challenge relay competition.

The rules governing this competition are the same as for one of the sectors that make up the Challenge full race, i.e; swimming, cycling and running. The only specific rules for relay teams are:

  1. Entry forms must be signed by the three members of the relay teams. They will collect the race number/bib and documentation of the race at the time and date set by the organisation.
  2. Each relay consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner.
  3. Each team member will; in turn carry the timing chip worn on the ankle – this will be passed from each member of the team on completion of their section to the next member.
  4. The relay teams will have a specific area of the transition separate from individual participants.
  5. The numbers of the relay teams will be a different colour from those of the individual participants.
  6. The relay wave will be the last to swim.
  7. Relay teams can be male, female or mixed.
  8. The trophies will be awarded to the top three relay teams of three categories separately – All Male, All Female and Mixed team.


Should inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control prevent the holding of the event according to the planned program with all of its segments (Swim, Bike, Run), the organisation will amend the event as require by the judges of the FECANTRI. In this new event alternative, prizes will be equally awarded the for the different classifications and will not be postponed to another date nor will repayment of any amount be made.

Examples of reasons for and consequences of cancellation:

  • Cancellation of the swim leg due to bad sea conditions: the event becomes a duathlon.
  • Cancellation of the cycling event section, due to inclement weather or; natural adverse conditions making the road unusable: the event becomes an aquathlon
  • Cancellation of the cycling section and swimming: the event becomes a running race.
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