The Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria kicks off the countdown

On April 20th, Anfi del Mar welcomes the only international triathlon in Gran Canaria, with some of the world’s best triathletes on the participant list.

• This 2024 edition brings together the middle-distance, short-distance, and relay modalities on the same day, for a great triathlon celebration.

• 1.9 kilometers swimming, 90 kilometers cycling, and 21 kilometers running: the middle-distance race repeats as the main event with top-level competition.

With one month left until the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria kicks off, the machinery is already working at full capacity for what is expected to be an epic edition. With nearly 40 confirmed PRO triathletes, the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria reaffirms itself as one of the international triathlons with the highest number of professionals from around the world.

Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Venezuela, the United States, Singapore, France, Belgium, Australia… Few triathlons have managed to gather such a variety of represented countries, as the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria has positioned itself as the quintessential season opener, a meeting with springtime weather amidst European winter, and an unmissable event for the reunion of the international elite of this discipline to kick off months of competition.

On April 20th, the island of Gran Canaria will vibrate with the excitement of a unique triathlon, which is already nearing the final stretch of registrations with nearly 400 confirmed triathletes and professionals from all corners of the globe. In a single day, Anfi del Mar will become the epicenter of the triathlon world, with a firm commitment to offer the best sporting spectacle by combining middle-distance, short-distance, and relay races on the same day.

With 1.9 kilometers swimming, 90 kilometers cycling, and 21 kilometers running, the middle-distance race repeats as the main event, serving as the starting point for nearly fifty professionals to begin the season as the first race of the year and the litmus test for several months of international competition.

The best in the world will be there. The starting line of the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria will be a parade of champions once again, showcasing Anfi del Mar, Mogán, and the island as an elite destination for sports competition. In the short distance, the Canarian athletes will have to give their best to claim the title, as there are already formidable opponents confirmed from different parts of the world against whom they will have to compete to be the fastest to cross the finish line and keep the title at home.

A unique circuit in the world

Excitement is already in the air before dawn. The Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria is magic and anticipation that sets in from the early hours to open a unique circuit in the world. With safety and quality conditions unmatched, this warm refuge in the midst of winter offers a 1,900-meter swimming segment, starting from the white sandy beach of Anfi del Mar, on a two-lap course with the start and finish at this point on the coast of Gran Canaria. From the center of the beach, the best triathlon destination in the world shows its best side, to fill the entire bay with excitement and fill the entire circuit route with spectators.

Tough, demanding, and dynamic, the bike circuit is the star of the day. It is a test of endurance, enveloped in spectacular views, climbs, and descents that force triathletes to balance strategy with athletic performance to face the challenging course.

With the cheers and warmth of the local and foreign audience who come every year to cheer on the hundreds of triathletes, the last stage of the middle distance is a 21-kilometer race in 5 laps, starting and ending at the beach of Anfi. With views of the sea and the finish line at the iconic Isla de Anfi del Mar, the running race is the final push for triathletes and a moment of maximum excitement where anything can happen. These last decisive minutes lead the triathletes to the finish line, where it will be decided who sets the pace in the first international race of the season.