27 countries will compete for the title at the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria.

On April 20th, Gran Canaria will be the epicenter of international triathlon, bringing together professionals and amateurs of this sport at Anfi del Mar.

There are already more than 400 registered participants in a day of sports featuring medium-distance, short-distance, and relay races.

The Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria already has over 400 registered participants for April 20th, an event that will host triathletes from around the world with 27 countries represented.

Although Gran Canaria’s only international triathlon repeats as the opening race of the season among European triathletes, they won’t be the only ones lining up at the starting line to compete for the title. The current list of registered participants includes athletes from four continents, with countries like Great Britain, France, and Germany having a strong presence alongside representatives from all corners of the globe.

Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain will have the largest contingents, followed by Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria. The Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria will also showcase triathletes from across the Atlantic representing Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and even India, South Africa, and North Macedonia.

Anfi del Mar will also mark the beginning of the season for triathletes from Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, and Sweden, among other destinations.

This event, with a Canarian accent and international soul, consolidates itself as one of the triathlons with the most professional triathletes in the world and as one of the few triathlons on the planet that manage to bring together athletes from so many different nationalities in one event.

With over 40 confirmed professionals from the world of triathlon, the Gran Canaria race keeps its registration list open, ensuring the participation of the finest in the sport as the countdown continues.

Among the confirmed participants are several national champions and world champions, further raising the level of competition in this event, which has seen greats and legends of the sport such as Jan Frodeno, Nicola Spirig, Sam Laidlow, Sara Pérez Sala, Kristian Blummennfelt, Mathis Margirier, Peter Heemeryck, Patrick Lange, Aaron Royle, Mika Noodt, Anne Haug, Lucy Charles-Barclay, Daniela Ryf, Emma Pallant, among others.

Canarian athletes will also compete for the colors of the islands among elite triathletes, with Zaira Lorenzo from Lanzarote making her professional debut and achieving several podium finishes in recent races. Carolina Laurentiu, the champion of Castilla y León, has already confirmed her presence on the island, while Silvia Costas from Barcelona pursues her dream, aiming for a top 5 national ranking.

Best Triathlon Destination in the World

The summer climate when it’s still winter in Europe, the organization, safety, sports facilities, hotels, services, air connectivity, equipment, and an enviable circuit have established the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria as the premier event of the year, taking over Anfi del Mar for a day to become the center of attention for the sports elite.

With 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling, and 21 kilometers of running, the medium distance race stands out as the star of the day, not only bringing together professionals from around the world in their quest for the world rankings but also serving as a litmus test to kick off the season.

Although the 1,900-meter swimming segment offers a dip in calm open waters in the warm Canarian paradise, undoubtedly the key is the cycling circuit, the ultimate test of the Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria. Tough, demanding, and dynamic, the bike climbs will make the difference, which will be decided in a foot race that traditionally features a heart-stopping course where triathletes shave off those decisive seconds for victory.